Wednesday, October 20, 2010

homemade grape jelly?? but of course!

Ok Ok Ok. I need to get a decent camera. Not having one prevents me from taking glorious photos of my glorious food to show off to my glorious friends and family. My beloved Scott, however, happens to have one o' them newfangled cell phones with a pretty high quality camera built right in.

Earlier this month, Scott and I discovered that our backyard was covered in concord grape vines. And what else does one do with five pounds of backyard grapes but to make homemade grape jelly? No, we had never made jelly before. And no, I did not have a canner. Yet. I did my research, bought a canner, some Certo gelatin, a whole bunch of sugar, and went to work.

This is pure, 100% fresh grape juice, boiling down before I add the Certo & sugar to the mix. The smell was intoxicating.

So, a few steps later... the filled jars are plunged into boiling hot water to both seal the cap and kill all dem germs! Yay, canning!!

The end result was a smooth jelly absolutely BURSTING with grape-y goodness!!!

And just like that, I discovered the ultimate Christmas presents for all of my loved ones!


  1. This was some of the best Jelly I ever tasted! Thank you so much for sharing the tasty treasure!

  2. awww thanks Dad!! More jelly coming your way...! <3

  3. So I hope that I am one of your loved ones! Daddy's b-day jelly went so quickly. He never will let me pack him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but when I told him I was making it with your delicious grape jelly - without a doubt he said yes. He called me from work as he was devouring it and said it was the best p&j he ever had!

  4. I hope you include me in as one of your loved ones too.. I want me a jar of that jelly in my belly!

  5. Guess you'll have to help us make some jelly for our wedding favours! Thanks in advance :)