Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pizza night.

I never ever ever update this. My apologies, small world of followers.

In any case, tonight was pizza night. I recently got Scott a pizza paddle made by Zelda's partner, John Lynch. Attn all pizza lovers, hook yourselves up with this paddle. It is beyond beautiful, and if the sun hadn't gone down on me I would show you all a picture of it. Maybe later.

After picking up a delicious bottle of Gaspereau Vineyard's Petite Milo (a limited variety, small batch white from 2009) we got to work on the za's. Well, that's a lie. Scott made the dough last night, as he is the king of all that is pizza dough... but I digress. Tonight Scott decided to give Boston Pizza a run for their money and recreate their classic Spicy Pierogie Pizza, while I recreated a pizza I tasted (and ironically despised) in Italy about five years ago, when my palate totally sucked-- a margherita pizza topped with fresh arugula. Drool. I. Love. Arugula. (Now).

A Better Spicy Pierogie Pizza

** Note: double click pictahs to enlarge!


Cheddar cheese (we used Fox Hill old cheddar because it's delicious, but whatevs)
Small new potatoes, thinly sliced
Bacon, cooked and thinly sliced
Red pepper flakes (about 1 tbs or so)
Green onions
Canola oil (or olive oil if you aren't poor like me)
Pizza dough (sorry, no helpsies on this one! Ask Scott!)

*Preheat oven to 500. Remember to keep pizza pan / stone in oven to keep hot, this way your pizza won't stick to the pan!

1. Start with the potatoes. Heat a bunch of oil and along with the chili flakes in a skillet on the stove top till hot (I suck with measurements, so please don't expect any of those here). Add the potatoes and slowly fry em up till just softened all the way through.
2. Drain oil and set potatoes on paper towels to remove excess oil
3. Roll out pizza dough onto floured surface, then place atop pizza paddle
4. Place potato slices onto pizza dough, so that all but the edge crust is covered
5. Top with cheese and bacon
6. Slide pizza off the pizza paddle and onto a pizza pan or stone in the oven, cook for 1o minutes or until brown and bubbly.
7. Add sliced green onions to top immediately and enjoy!

Margherita & Arugula Pizza

2 tomatoes, thinly sliced
2+ tbs pesto
2+ tbs goat cheese, crumbled
Fresh oregano (or dried! we just happened to have some fresh... yeeeah c'mon summer!)
Large handful fresh arugula
Pizza dough

1. Roll out pizza dough a place on pizza paddle, if using
2. Spread thin layer of pesto over surface of pizza, so only the edge crust is showing
3. Arrange tomato slices over pesto layer
4. Add crumbled goat cheese and oregano
5. Slide off pizza paddle and onto pan / stone, cook for 10 minutes or until delicious
6. Top with fresh arugula immediately and EAT IT UP.

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